Chuck Tingle – Neophile Ep. 11

In this Epsiode Mel brings us Chuck Tingle, a Sci Fi author who also loves gay sex scenes. Its the first episode of a new format for us! We brought in a panel to have a little book club. Brady and Ally joined our discussion.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Death – Neophile Ep. 010

In this very special season finale, Jedediah talks to Ryan about an inspiration book about a seagull and the time she died for 4 minutes. It’s a must-listen pobcast!

Alanna: The First Adventure – Neophile Ep. 009

In this episode Paul interviews Hanna about a book that shaped her as a youth. And in preparation for the end of the season, Paul and Jed decide to visit a couple of random Indiana locations.